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I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years training private clients, teaching students, as a performance coach for club and national sports teams and as a fitness presenter. I’ve always been passionate about helping people to achieve their fitness goals and believe the key to getting in shape is to train the whole body, physical and mental.

The idea for Meggaball® was sparked by a need to create a fitness programme for people of all fitness levels including people with physical and/or mental health issues, for my degree in Sports Science and Psychology. At the same time, I attended a Swiss ball course, with Douglas Brooks, a leading American exercise physiologist and strength conditioning coach and was inspired by the innovative ways he was training with the Swiss ball.

Meet the Meggaball® Founder - Winston Squire



  • It's safe and inexpensive

The Swiss ball is a tried and tested, affordable piece of equipment. It has been used by physiotherapists since the 1960’s.

  • It’s suitable for all ages, sizes and fitness levels

Meggaball® is an inclusive workout suitable for anyone, and everyone regardless of shape, size or ability. It’s more comfortable than working on the floor as sitting on a ball takes the pressure off the joints.

  • It burns calories

Just by sitting on a stability ball you are challenging your core and stabilizing your muscles to remain upright. This burns calories. Moving on the ball works your core body muscles, your abdominal and back muscles and burns even more calories helping you to achieve a leaner, more toned body over time.

  • It challenges you physically and mentally

Working out on a Swiss ball is a great leveller. It’s challenging for everyone to focus and stay upright. In a dynamic class you have to move with the ball so there isn’t time to feel self-conscious, or worry about your abilities - you have to concentrate on moving with your ball.

  • It works your core

If you sit on a stability ball it takes the weight off the lower body giving support whilst at the same time challenging your core abdominal muscles to work to overcome the unstable movement of the ball.


The uplifting, Caribbean Dancehall Reggae beat carries you through even the toughest of exercises and motivates you to keep going.

But do not just take my word for it listen to what our Meggaball® Movers have to say.

Listen to what our Meggaball®  Movers have to say



  • Increased muscle tone

  • Improved posture

  • Increased strength

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness

  • Reduced injury

  • Increased range of movement

  • Boost mental health

The uplifting, Caribbean Dancehall Reggae/Afrobeats carries you through even the toughest of exercises and motivates you to keep going.  
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