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Winston’s five tips to kick start your training regime

1. Stuck In A Rut?

How long have you been following the same routine? If it’s over 12 weeks you

need to change things as your body will be accustomed to it and you won’t

continue to make progress.

Ask yourself if you are training enough to make a difference? Ideally you should

be training for an hour three times a week but if that’s not manageable then

break it down into half hour sessions.

2. Keep A Food Diary

Your lack of progress could be down to diet. I recommend keeping a food diary

detailing everything you consume, food and drink, for a week. Making a note of

your daily intake, whether it’s in a notebook or on a free app, like

makes you more aware of your eating habits. My clients are often surprised by

how much they are snacking and how much alcohol they are consuming.

For guidelines on healthy eating take a look at the NHS Intuitive Eat Well Guide:

3. Challenge Yourself And Try Something New

If you aren’t seeing results the chances are that you are bored with your routine.

Now is the ideal time to challenge yourself and try something different. Take a

look at some of my classes on You Tube. Try a Meggaball class; check out my

HIIT workouts and my 21-day challenge (add links). Vary your routine and try

different classes until you find workouts that challenge and motivate you.

4. Workout With Friends and Family

Gyms are closed at the moment and you may miss group classes. Try exercising

with friends and family using Zoom, Skype or Face Time instead. If you are

having fun then exercise won’t seem like a chore and you are more likely to stick

to the routine. Test out new exercise classes together and set group short,

medium and long-term training goals. Track your activity, share your progress

and reward yourself for your achievements.

5. Pace Yourself

Remember if you are starting a new training routine you need to take things

slowly. It’s important to master the exercise techniques and posture first. It’s

also important to warm up thoroughly before starting any exercise programme

to prepare your body and reduce the likelihood of injury. Be realistic about the

intensity and length of training required to see results.

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